A little party never killed anybody

Right? Murder mysteries are great for bringing
your team together in the most murderous of ways!

In Person Events.

Virtual Events.

Murdery is perfect for your next office party or team building

See what our customers had to say

Thanks so much! WE had a great time!
Thank you so much Evenchilada and Jim for hosting such a great virtual event. The storyline was captivating and the event was such a fun way to meet up with colleagues from all over the globe!
The team had a great time last night, please pass our thanks to the hosts!
Yesterday was so fun! Everyone had a great time. Professor Jim was amazing!!! I was on the winning team! WHOOP! Also nothing but praise from our side. It was very well organized and very easy to follow along!,
Sparks & Honey
It was amazing!! I think the team really enjoyed it.

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